Your Guide to Finding The Right Bikini Swimsuit Bottom

Your Guide to Finding The Right Bikini Swimsuit Bottom

When it comes to bikini shopping, it’s not always about finding the right fashion statement. Whether you’re looking to swim, tan, surf, or just chill out by the pool, the best fit is the one that’s going to allow you to love your swimsuit and feel comfortable and confident in your own body.

With so many styles and shapes available, the right swimsuit bottom is out there for you. Keep reading for the bikini bottom swimwear guide and you’ll be a little bit closer to choosing.

Skirted bottom

There are many variations on the skirted bikini bottom design, however, the goal is to typically provide you with a greater level of coverage with layers and frills. This allows for a sophisticated, classic and fashionable look while maximizing coverage.

Boy shorts

For full coverage of the bottom, boy shorts (or boy briefs) are ideal for those with an active lifestyle, offering plenty of comfort during movement. Fully fashionable, they are designed for the more sporty women out there who want a comfortable cut.

High waste Haute

The high-waisted design offers the wearer a more flattering fit to the lower stomach area. It is perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable, retro version of coverage, that seeks to boost and enhance your style.

Traditional tie side

The traditional tie side bottoms are incredibly versatile and have been extremely popular for many years, allowing you to tie up your swimsuit bikini bottom. Since the tie sides are adjustable and comfortable, they are highly convenient for the majority of outdoor activities.

Hip Hipster

The Hipster style of bikini bottoms involves a tight hugging of the hips, along with a low-rise that brings a modern twist. While they provide slightly less bottom coverage than the average swimsuit bottoms, the thickness of the sides that hug the hips tightly allows for a more effortless feel. Hipster's hips have become increasingly common amongst those looking for a captivating style without losing the chic comfort.


When it comes to Brazilian bikini bottoms, the goal is simple: minimal coverage with maximum tanning potential. They come with a ruching that comes down the center back, leading to a chic and cheeky design. Typically aimed at a younger audience who enjoy flaunting their bodies on the beach.

Even though there are six core styles available, there are many variations as designers continue to look to innovate. However, whatever the style you go for, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.

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