Women’s Swimwear and Swimsuit Bottoms – An essential Guide

Women’s Swimwear and Swimsuit Bottoms – An essential Guide

You should not only feel fantastic in your swimwear, but you should also be able to improve your swimming abilities and have more fun in the water.

Whether you want foam cups for maximum shape and comfort, adjustable straps that help you with a more customized fit, a stylish swimsuit bottom, or a shelf bra for a flattening look or a bit of a boost for maximum cleavage, there are many options available to help you look and feel great.

But, what about if you’re serious about your swimming? The first step is to assess what level of swimmer you are. Be honest with yourself.

The needs for swimsuits and swimsuit bottoms can vary, depending on whether you’re a:

  • Beginner,
  • Intermediate,
  • Advanced swimmer.

Women’s Swimwear for Beginner Swimmers

If you’re not completely comfortable in the water yet and are only able to swim one stroke then you should consider yourself a beginner. Therefore, you want to wear a swimsuit that feels more comfortable as opposed to trying to buy something that’s geared for fast, high-performance swimmers. Maybe a U-Back swimming costume can work wonders for you as it’s simple to put on from the top.

Women’s Swimwear for Intermediate Swimmers

If you feel pretty confident in the water and can swim three or four strokes then stability plays a more important criterion when it comes to choosing your new swimsuit. Ideally, a shorty that holds on to the thighs and hugs the body tightly could be the best choice. In order to allow you maximum flexibility when it comes to performing your strokes, an open shoulder won’t provide too much resistance when you’re rotating at the shoulders.

Women’s Swimwear for Advanced Swimmers

If you can perform all four swimming strokes and you’re either getting into serious training sessions or competing in competitions then you can call yourself an advanced swimmer. Now you’re looking for optimization and therefore need a swimsuit with hardly any drag as you try and glide through the water. A split second here or there can be the difference between first and second place. What helps you minimize resistance is a swimming costume that’s compact and barely covers the body. A V-cut shape that’s minimal on the legs can be the best way forward. A cross back can provide you with bust support and ensure the swimming costume doesn’t move around as you swim through the water.

However, when choosing your swimsuit, you have to be completely comfortable with it.

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