Speedo Women's Body Shaping Swimsuit: A Closer Look

Speedo Women's Body Shaping Swimsuit: A Closer Look

Speedo’s range of swimsuits are designed to support and enhance your body shape, giving you confidence and comfort every time you hit the pool or beach. Whether you want an athletic look, a feminine silhouette, or to hide imperfections, these women’s body shaping swimsuits will help you achieve your goals. Keep reading to learn more about what each suit offers and how it can help you reach your personal style goals!

What does body shaping mean?
The term body shaping refers to swimsuits that have specific designs or cuts which are meant to slim, accentuate, and alter specific body features of their wearers. Many women consider their thighs, hips, and buttocks as problem areas they would like to shape. For example, a woman may want her buttocks to appear smaller, while at the same time she wants her hips and waistline to look slimmer.

Why did Speedo make this design?
Speedo released a body shaping swimsuit line to attract female customers, who have always comprised about 60% of Speedo’s business. These women are looking for a swimsuit that helps them create toned arms and a small waistline, which is exactly what Speedo claims their new suits do, consumers seem to like them – especially when there aren’t other suit styles like this available on store shelves!

What makes it different than other suits?
The Speedo Active body shaping swimsuit has a couple of patented features that are intended to make your body appear slimmer and more streamlined. The first is an inner lining with a waffle texture (as opposed to traditional bathing suit linings, which can sometimes be a little bit scratchy). This layer provides compression and heat retention, both of which reduce water friction as you move through it, making you feel like you’re slicing through water instead of pushing against it.

The competition
Speedo, which is perhaps one of the most well-known swimwear brands on Earth, has been gaining ground by not only offering stylish high-end products but also by producing a lower-priced line of goods for women. Their target market? Comfort seekers and bargain hunters. Speedo’s suits are made for comfort and range from £40 to about £60 depending on design and where you buy it.

Our opinion
Fit can make or break any swimsuit, and having a flatter belly is something that almost every woman aspires to. You don’t need to be slim to have curves, because even women with an ample size will find that these swimsuits do wonders for their bottom half while they relax in the water. We love these body shaping swimsuits because they’re tight in all of the right places without squeezing you like a boa constrictor.