Nike HydraStrong technology

Nike HydraStrong technology

Nike’s HydraStrong fabrics stand up to chlorine and salt water, providing long-lasting, durable wear during your most rigorous indoor and outdoor swims. A combination of nylon, spandex and polyester allows the fabric to stretch and shrink back again with only minimal fiber breakage over time. This makes Nike’s HydraStrong fabrics an excellent choice for anyone who regularly swims in an indoor or outdoor pool.

The difference between Nike Hydrastrong fabrics and others
Nike’s swimsuits are engineered to stand up to chlorine and salt water, providing long-lasting, durable wear during your most rigorous indoor and outdoor swims. The fabric repels chlorine but absorbs water and does not retain odor—so you can speed through a pool workout without worrying about what you’ll smell like once you dry off.

How do Nike Hydrastrong fabrics cope with sweat?
Nike Hydrastrong fabrics are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. When in contact with sweat, water beads up on these materials instead of saturating them and weighing them down. This allows fabric to feel dry and light even after a vigorous workout.

Is there a difference in how you wash an item made from Nike Hydrastrong fabric?
There are a few key differences in how you should wash an item made from Nike Hydrastrong fabric. First, avoid putting your Nike HydraStrong item through a dryer if possible. This is because high heat can damage material like nylon or polyester, causing it to pill or even lose its shape. Instead, hang your clothing items up to dry—it will help them keep their form and color for longer.

How does the material hold up over time?
One of our favorite features of Nike’s clothing is its durability. But don’t just take our word for it, head over to industry-leading blogs and websites to see what professional swimmers have to say about Nike’s training suits. Swimmers trust in their gear, which is why they recommend Nike products time and time again. We use innovative technologies like quick-drying fabrics and durable stitching to ensure that you can swim long laps without being weighed down by.

Benefits of Nike Hydro Strong fabrics
Gives you enhanced performance and long-lasting durability through chlorine, salt water and outdoor swimming. Gives a soft, comfortable feel to help keep you focused on your lap time. Boosts speed through a smoother ride in your racing suit or training wear. Durable construction lasts up to 60 times longer than regular swimwear fabrics. Keeps color vivid and vibrant through multiple wash cycles. Provides protection against fading, shrinking and pilling caused by chlorine or sunlight exposure at indoor pools.