How To Wash Boys Swimming Trunks

How To Wash Boys Swimming Trunks

In order to successfully keep swimming trunks clean and to ensure they last a long while, it helps to start with good quality swimwear in the first place.

Here are a few tips to help you out when it comes washing boys swimming trunks. After all, you want your boys in trunks to feel clean and comfortable when they’re swimming.

There are a few things you can do to keep swimming trunks clean and there are also a few things you should avoid.

What you should do when washing boys swimming trunks

Read the instructions that come with your trunks after buying them and before using them. Make sure you follow these precisely.

One of the best ways to rinse trunks after swimming is to keep them on as you begin taking a shower. However, make sure you don’t keep them on when you start using shower gel or shampoo.

As soon as the swimming trunks are taken off, they should be rinsed by hand in cold water. It helps to get your son into the habit of doing this himself. To add to the effectiveness, you can also use a tiny bit of soap as you’re doing this to help get rid of the chlorine or salt.

Hang them up in the shade or inside. This way, they’ll dry naturally without the risk of the sun tarnishing the quality.

Take extra care if the trunks are being used in spas, jacuzzies, or heated pools. These tend to have extra chlorine and additional chemicals that can compromise the quality of the swimwear.

What to avoid when washing boys swimming trunks

Avoid using a washing machine and tumble dryer to wash and dry your swimming trunks. Washing products can be damaging to swimwear.

In order to get rid of wrinkles, avoid using an iron, especially on high heat. If you have wrinkles in the swimming trunks and need to get rid of them, simply try rinsing out again in water.

Try not to leave any swimming trunks rolled up in a towel after being used. Avoiding this reduces the risk of bacteria building up that comes from chlorine getting trapped within the swimsuit.

Be careful with oil-based products. For example, sun lotion can cause permanent damage to certain swimwear if it makes contact with swimming trunks.

It also helps to have an old pair of trunks if you’re going to be going to the beach or using them in a heated pool.