How to Choose The Right Boys Swimming Trunks

How to Choose The Right Boys Swimming Trunks

Are you looking to buy some new swimming trunks for your son? If so, then it can become quite confusing with so many styles out there to choose from.

There are four main types of trunks you can choose from, including trunks, briefs, shorts, and jammers. However, before you make the decision on what to buy, you have to ask yourself the following question: what type of swimmer is your son?

  - Beginner – If your son is a beginner then he will have only started swimming quite recently and is now learning the basic techniques.

  - Intermediate – If your son swims at an intermediate level, then he will have already be comfortable in the water. He will have an adequate technique using one or two strokes.

 - Advanced – If your son is swimming at an advanced level, then he will be extremely at ease and competent in the water. He will be able to use all the strokes and will be able to dive.

Boys swimming trunks for beginners

For beginners, there is absolutely no need to buy boys swimming trunks that minimize resistance and optimize performance. For beginners, the number one priority is a comfort. Swimming boxers can be particularly comfortable and easy to get on, making them a great choice for boys who are just starting out.

Swimming trunks for intermediate boys

Once your son is comfortable in the water and has sufficient swimming technique, then a good option may be to choose something that has reasonably good chlorine resistance. What becomes important for intermediate swimmers is good support and stability. As such, swimming jammers limit the drag in the water and provide good stability.

Advanced swimming boys in trunks

If your child is an advanced swimmer and is looking to race or do some serious training sessions, then performance becomes a big issue in terms of swimwear. Chlorine resistant models without elastane are essential. Swimming briefs tend to be very popular for competitive swimmers. Because they are tight and the legs and thighs are exposed, the level of drag is minimized, helping your son to glide efficiently through the water. However, some boys who are extremely advanced, prefer the feel of jammers when they train and compete.

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