How Can A Womens Speedo Bathing Suit Make You A Better Swimmer

How Can A Womens Speedo Bathing Suit Make You A Better Swimmer

Speedo, with one of the largest arrays of women’s swimsuits on the market, is at the leading edge of the industry.

With decades of experience, they’ve spent countless resources testing what works well in the water alongside competitive athletes at the highest level.

Womens Speedo bathing suit

There are womens Speedo bathing suits to cover everyone.

For example, a one-piece swimsuit can be incredibly versatile and can be used for competitive swimming as much as the poolside when on holiday. In fact, good coverage means they provide a good level of protection from the rays of the sun.

However, if you want to aim for performance in the water, then the type of swimsuit you choose can affect your specific goal.

So, what are the factors to consider when deciding on what swimsuit will optimize your performance in the water? And, how does a womens Speedo bathing suit help?


One of the biggest priorities for any swimmer is to become as streamlined as possible. The more streamlined you are, the quicker and more fluid you’ll move through the water.

Speedo have become an expert in creating the most streamlined swimsuits. For example, the Fastksin Racing System is a specialized range, worn by the top competitors on the planet.

Providing support for your body

To further reduce drag and enhance your buoyancy, your body needs to have the right support.

Speedo swimsuits achieve this with the use of the right fabric to increase compression where you need it. Ultimately, this helps you to attain and maintain the optimal position of your body when gliding through the water.

Chlorine resistance

Unfortunately, chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can reduce the effectiveness of your bathing suit and over time it can lose its shape.

Speedo has brought out a range of Endurance swimsuits that utilize a durable and long-lasting fabric, ensuring it resists losing shape and fading like many other bathing suits. This is especially important if you’re swimming on a daily basis.

Skin exposur

As a general rule of thumb, the more skin you have exposed, the greater the level of drag in the water. If you look at endurance athletes, such as triathletes, a lot of them tend to prefer using a suit that covers the thighs.

Speedo have a range of suits that you can use for specialized activities.

Back straps

When it comes to back straps, it’s a matter of personal preference. Any two leading swimmers can want something entirely different:

  • Wider straps tend to provide you with a bit more support,
  • Thinner straps allow a bit more flexibility in arm motion.

When deciding on back straps, consider your body type and the way you move in the water. Find what works best for you.

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